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Our goal is to give our clients and their businesses the upper hand by creating new possibilities by leveraging the best technologies with the utmost quality, satisfaction and transparency.

About Us

Magnate Development is an IT firm that's focused on bringing our clients to the surface of their market pool by the use of the latest and most modern technologies and management skills in the tech industries.

Our Vision

Be the go to firm for technology solutions and one of the best places to work while maintaining superb client satisfaction.

Our Mission

Ensuring success of our clients and partners through highly optimized technology solutions while enhancing the quality of life for our workforce and community.

  • IT Consultation

    Our group of experienced experts gives clients the needed support, advice and technical guidance needed to further their various activities.

  • Post Development Maintenance

    We stick around after handing over a project so as to manage the testing, design and also readily implement improvements to completed projects.


Customers have an ever increasing demand to have goods and services at their fingertips. With the latest technologies clients get access to a new pool of customers.

Software Development

With a wide range of activities to be implemented there comes the demand for professionalism, so as to deliver a desired set of goals to customers.

Website Development

A presence on the internet has proven to be a good way to reach a greater pool of client’s, this makes the standards of doing this high. That is where our experts come in with the latest technologies and practices to make clients standout.

Social Media Marketing

Goods and services get to go farther with our techniques that target social networks and applications thereby spreading brand awareness giving a social media presence on major platforms.

UI/UX Design

With a group of creative minds give your apps and websites that appealing feel and experience that every user has a right to.

Graphics Design

Bring out that idea or way of thinking with our ability to apply visual hierarchy to meet user’s specific needs by displaying elements in interactive designs to optimize the user’s experience.

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We're ready to elevate your business, are you?

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